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Black & White Printing & Copying Price List

A4 & A3 Black & White copies from hard copy or files. Don't forget you can save by combining jobs - please contact us with your requirements for a bespoke quotation.


No. of copies A4 per side A3 per side
1-9 12p 24p
10-99 10p 20p
100-999 8p 16p
1000-1999 6p 12p
2000-4999 4p 8p
5000+ 3p 6p
Original Feed/Placement* 10p 10p
Editing (resize/colour etc) 30p 30p

*Original Feed/Placement charge applies to each item placed manually, or each set of items placed for automatic feeding.


Price per sheet A4 A3
Tinted 80gm 2p 4p
White 100gm 2p 4p
Conqueror 100gm 5p 10p
White 160gm 6p 12p
Tinted 160gm 7p 14p
White 280gm 7p 14p
White 80gm 4-hole 2p -
White 100gm 4-hole 3p -
Copier Label 35p -
OHP 30p

For printing from files, we have a minimum file processing fee of £2. Complex files which require additional studio time to format correctly may incur extra fees.

Author's corrections are chargeable.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged accordingly.

Note that some items, for example flyers or leaflets, are zero-rated for VAT